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At REEP (Real Estate Equity Partners), we go beyond just a name – it’s our mission. We are dedicated to being true partners with our investors, tenants, and employees.

Our primary focus is on acquiring under-performing, income-producing investment opportunities. At REEP Equity, we are committed to providing unparalleled service and exceptional opportunities to our investors.

We strongly believe in the strength of in-house management, as working hand in hand with our Property Management team, REEP Residential, we make our properties and investments thrive.

By choosing to invest with REEP, you are joining a company that values collaboration, transparency, and long-term success. We are here to create value and generate returns for our investors, while also creating positive impacts within the communities we serve.

Discover the power of partnership with REEP. Together, we can achieve greatness in real estate investment.

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Our in-house management sets us apart from the crowd. We take pride in handling every aspect of the investment process, from asset identification to property disposition. Our dedicated teams excel at due diligence, financing, design and rehab, operations, property management, cost segregation, and more.

This comprehensive approach allows us to create portfolios with consistent cash flow, equity upside, and robust downside protection for our valued investors.

REEP has taken 9 properties full cycle, with an average historical investor return of 2.17X Equity Multiple – an average IRR of 24% with an average annual return of 34%.

Collaboration is at the heart of our success. Our Equity, Asset Management, and Property Management Teams work closely together to ensure that we acquire sound investments and develop comprehensive strategies for each property. By leveraging our collective expertise and experience, we can make day-one improvements that maximize the potential of our assets.

When you choose to partner with REEP, you can trust that your investment is in capable hands. Our commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and dedication to long-term success make us the ideal choice for investors seeking a multifamily investment partner with a professional approach and proven track record.

Proven track record of success in targeted property classes, delivering consistent results

Extensive expertise in prime markets, enabling us to navigate complexities and identify opportunities

In-house management capabilities that can scale, ensuring efficient operations

History of implementing value-add improvements and cost-reduction strategies, maximizing property value

Consistently improving tenant occupancy rates and increasing value

Why Multifamily

Investing in multifamily properties offers numerous advantages for investors. With real estate serving as a tangible asset, it provides a hedge against inflation, tax benefits, passive income, and rapid portfolio growth.
Discover why multifamily properties outshine other investments.

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In order to learn about our investments, we need to establish a relationship with you first. (It’s an SEC rule.) Please set up a call so we can introduce ourselves.
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Learn about Opportunities

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When you are ready to invest, please log in to the Investor Portal to complete your investment documents. Once complete, you will be able to track your invested value, distributions, and view annual tax documents within the portal.

A Successful Portfolio

Our investment strategy focuses on regions that attract major corporate relocations, and jobs. “Texas” is booming with new business opportunities and residents. With no state income tax and a pro-business environment, Texas attracts new ventures, particularly within the Texas Triangle megaregion.

This area, linking Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio constitutes the 15th largest economy in the United States. Four of the nation’s ten most populous cities are located within this region. Fueled by both expansion and migration, the Triangle leads in US growth.

Texas presents prime investment prospects. We currently have 23 properties in this region. Our holdings in this thriving area position us to capitalize on this flourishing market.

Learn with Us. Grow With Us.

We understand that navigating the realm of investing in Multifamily or any Real Estate opportunity can be a daunting task. Rest assured that we are here to alleviate your stress and provide guidance every step of the way.

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One of our greatest assets is REEP Residential, our in-house multifamily management company, is the driving force to help our properties reach their full potential.

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