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A Behind the Scenes Look at REEP Equity

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at REEP Equity

REEP Equity was founded in 2012 by principals Jacob and Arleen Garza. With extensive backgrounds in banking, human resources, entrepreneurship, and management, the Garza’s began their multifamily investing company on a solid foundation. REEP – Real Estate Equity Partners is more than just a name. It’s our mission. We strive to be partners to our investors, tenants, and employees. We firmly believe in the power of vertical integration. Together we are stronger – making our properties and investments stronger.

What We Do

Focused on acquiring under-performing, income-producing investment opportunities, REEP Equity is committed to providing incomparable service and opportunities to everyone. Together with our Property Management team, REEP Residential, we can deliver on this promise. We take great care to create an atmosphere and experience that cannot be matched elsewhere. Investors, tenants, and employees – everyone is important, and we work diligently to promote the well-being and prosperity of all.

For you, our investor, we find the best real estate syndication deals. We do this by conducting an extensive vetting process so that we may provide only the best opportunities to you.

Our in-house vertically integrated teams manage these investments continually, providing assurances that the business plan is executed as projected. Through this process, we help people passively invest in multifamily real estate investments with the goal of helping them achieve their financial goals.

In addition to providing investment opportunities, our team is here to assist our investor network with any questions and further education they might need.


We understand that investing can be a stressful process. At REEP Equity, we strive to eliminate the stress by being fully transparent with our investors at every step in the process.

On the REEP Equity website, we invite you to visit our Knowledge CenterHere you will find articles, podcasts, and other online resources to help you learn more about real estate syndications, industry lingo, and company information. You will also have the opportunity to hear our co-founders speak about why they love multifamily investing.

If you have questions or want to learn more, our Investor Relations Manager, Rebecca Treanor, is ready to assist. Please feel free to schedule a call or email her for help. Our investors are also provided exclusive opportunities to hear from our team through webinars and industry events. To learn about future opportunities, please join our Investor Network.

Our investments are exclusively offered to our investor network. Registration is a simple process. To join, register on our website and complete a short introductory call with our Investor Relations Manager. Once you have registered, you will gain access to our investment opportunities which are emailed to our network throughout the year.

We at REEP Equity pride ourselves on having control of every step of the process to ensure that our investors are in good hands. No two investment opportunities are the same. We recognize that your investment goals are also unique. As new opportunities are presented, we will thoroughly explain the opportunity and our business plan for that asset.

We encourage our investors to contact us with any questions and let us know how we can help guide you to pick the opportunity that best fits your investment goals.

The Opportunities

We start our property search with extensive research and due diligence. Before making an offer on a property, our team has thoroughly vetted every aspect of the property, market, and economy supporting that market. We take great pride in our extensive research process. We don’t follow gossip or made decisions out of fear. Instead, we follow solid facts to make solid choices. We only present deals to our investors that we would invest in ourselves.

REEP Equity invests in each opportunity as both a general partner, also referred to as a sponsor, and as a limited partner or passive investor like yourself. We work together with our REEP Management team to formulate a solid business plan and begin to execute the plan from day 1 – providing immediate value add for our investors and our new tenants.

You can view our portfolio and see examples of our historical performance on our website.

There are many different options when it comes to choosing a real estate syndicator. 
REEP Equity offers many strengths. One of which is that we are vertically integrated. We own and control the entire process from start to finish, allowing us to maximize the property value fully. Our management team is part of the process at a very early stage. We create a fully executable path by working together to develop the business plan. Unlike other companies that blindly turn over a property to a 3rd party management company, when our management team takes over, they know what steps they need to take. They are fully prepared, aware, and ready to improve the property from day 1. Likewise, we are engaged throughout the life of the investment. Our integration allows us to work together to ensure that we take full advantage of every opportunity to improve the business plan.

We also take great pride in our Texas heritage. The Texas Triangle is home and where we focus. By strategically working in these markets, we are able to select better opportunities and provide better economies of scale. This strategy allows us to streamline costs and diminish the risk of underperforming deals. Our goal is to help you, and we achieve that by offering you the full-service experience and ensuring that you can invest wisely, create passive income for your family, and reach your investment goals.
Get Started Now

On behalf of all of us at REEP Equity, we invite you to dive into the world of multifamily investing. We realize you have many choices when it comes to your investments, and we take great care to provide the investment experience you dream of.

When you decide you’re ready to invest with us, we invite you to sign up for the REEP Investor Network. If you are already part of our network, then we would like to thank you for your ongoing relationship and trust in us.

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