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Jacob Garza Podcast
Episode JF2717 of the Best Ever Real Estate Investing Advice Show: 4 Advantages to Self-Managing Your Rental Property, featuring Jacob Garza and Host Slocomb Reed

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About the Episode:

Jacob Garza believes that no one will manage your properties better than yourself. As GP of over 2,000 units, and also co-founder of a property management company, Jacob has been able to follow this advice and scale his portfolio over the last 10 years. In this episode, Jacob shares his strategies for self-managing his rental properties and how he was able to grow his businesses.

Jacob Garza | Real Estate Background

  • Co-founder of REEP (Real Estate Equity Partners) which focuses on acquiring under-performing, income-producing, multifamily investment opportunities in Texas.
  • Portfolio: GP of 2,374 units worth over $310M.
  • REEP is currently celebrating their 10th anniversary.
  • Based in: San Antonio, TX
  • Say hi to them at: REEP Equity: https://reepequity.com/ | REEP Management: https://reepmanagement.com/

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