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Arleen Garza featured on The Underdog Show with Pamela Bardhi

Welcome to The Underdog Show, where we shine a spotlight on remarkable individuals defying the odds. In this episode, we feature Arleen Garza, Co-Founder of REEP Equity. 

Since 2012, Arleen has been at the helm of this innovative company, driving its acquisitions and growth strategy. With her sharp decision-making skills, she maximizes investor returns by sourcing acquisitions in target markets and implementing value-add and management improvements that propel profitability and generate appreciation for the properties under REEP’s ownership umbrella. Join us as we uncover Arleen’s inspiring journey and her unwavering pursuit of success in the real estate industry.

In this episode, Pam uncovered the layers of Arleen’s journey. They talked about:

  • What inspired Arleen on her journey to where she is today?
  • How did she get into real estate? With her expertise, what’s her advice for women in the real estate industry?
  • Why is delegation in business? And how is divide and conquer significantly?
  • How do you add value to the property? What are the five ways according to Arleen?
  • How is it possible to make more money passively?
  • What would Arleen tell her younger self based on what you know now?
  • What’s coming up in the next few months for Arleen and the team?

Listen to this exciting episode. Join us for the conversation! Listen to the full episode here:


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