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Beating the Heat the REEP Way – Keeping People Cool in a Sizzling Summer

Beating the Heat the REEP Way – Keeping People Cool in a Sizzling Summer

As the scorching summer temperatures hit record highs in the Texas Triangle (Austin, Houston, and San Antonio), REEP Equity stands committed to the well-being of both its employees and tenants. With 20 multifamily properties nestled in the heart of Texas, we prioritize the comfort and safety of our teams and residents during the sweltering heat wave. Thanks to the expertise of our in-house management company, REEP Residential, we have implemented a range of innovative summer cooling initiatives that not only keep our employees safe but also better serve our valued tenants. 

Cooling Strategies to Beat the Heat: 

  1. Hydration Stations: Across all our properties, we have strategically placed hydration stations to ensure everyone has easy access to refreshing drinks, helping them stay hydrated even under the scorching sun.
  2. Employee Comfort Zones: To support our hardworking staff, we have designated cooling units in select areas where employees can take a well-deserved break in air-conditioned comfort, rejuvenating themselves before returning to their duties. 
  3. Cooling Vests: Our commitment to employee well-being extends further with the provision of cooling vests, offering a portable way to beat the heat while on the move.
    Ylnewways Cooling Vest
  4. Tenant Communication: We actively engage with our tenants to share best practices for staying cool and reducing air conditioning costs. By providing helpful tips and recommendations, we empower our residents to create comfortable living spaces while being mindful of their energy consumption. 
  5. Proactive Maintenance: Anticipating any potential challenges, we have proactively gathered AC repair parts, ensuring swift resolution of any maintenance issues that may arise, minimizing inconveniences for our tenants, and maintaining a smooth operation. 
  6. Portable Units on Standby: Recognizing the unforeseen circumstances that may occur, we have invested in portable cooling units to have on standby. These units serve as a backup plan, ensuring immediate relief in case of any HVAC emergencies. 

At REEP, we take immense pride in our exceptional employee retention rate, surpassing industry standards with a remarkable turnover rate of only 6%. In contrast, many management companies struggle with an average turnover rate of 50%. This outstanding achievement is a testament to our unwavering dedication to the well-being of our valued workforce and one of the many reasons REEP has recently been named as a 2023 National Apartment Association Top Employers. 

As the temperatures rise in Texas, REEP Equity and REEP Residential stand as beacons of care and support for both employees and tenants. Through our comprehensive summer cooling initiatives, we are prioritizing employee well-being and tenant satisfaction, which sets the standard for exceptional property management in the region.  

If you or someone you know is looking for employment, we invite you to view our open positions, apply and join us at REEP and experience the REEP Way – where people always come first. 


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