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Before Investing in Your First Real Estate Syndication Take These Steps

Considering Investing in real estate can feel overwhelming and intimidating. It is common for new investors to feel a multitude of emotions – fear of investing in a property they have never seen, concern for how they will get their money back, and doubt around the ability to log into an account and see their money.

Typically, a passive investor will invest in real estate through a syndication. A real estate syndication is the pooling of funds from many passive investors to purchase income-producing real estate. A passive investor has one role: investing cash in a presented real estate investment for a projected return.

Researching and learning more about syndications and the companies offering them can go a long way to helping ease any fear you might have. With each podcast, book, and conversation, investors gain more knowledge and understanding of how syndications work and what they can expect.

If you’re considering your first syndication and feeling hesitant, we want to assure you that we are here to help guide you through this process. We hope these suggestions will help you learn more and feel more confident about your decisions.

Do Your Research:
A great place to start your journey and build confidence in investing is through education and research. Listening to podcasts and reading reference materials is a great place to start.

Our founders Jacob and Arleen Garza have their own podcast, Passive Wealth through Multifamily Investing, where you can learn more about Jacob and Arleen, REEP Equity, and multifamily investments in general. Listen on your favorite podcast streaming site or click on the link here.

Jacob and Arleen are also guest speakers on numerous popular podcasts. For a complete list and links to these guest episodes, please visit our podcast page.

To be notified of additional listening opportunities, please be sure to follow us on your favorite social media channel. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube

Knowledge Center:
If you prefer to learn through reading, our Knowledge Center is a great reference tool. In this section, you can find answers to frequently asked questions and a glossary of real estate terms. This section also includes a library of various articles and blog posts – highlighting multiple real estate topics, REEP press releases, and updates on all of our properties.

Ask Questions:
Our investor team is here to help. We would love to talk to you and answer any questions you have. To set up a call, email invest@reepequity.com or schedule a call.

We understand that all investors have concerns and questions. We will do everything we can to help walk you through the process and help in any way.

Connect with Other Investors:
Jacob, our co-founder, loves to say that multifamily investing is a team sport. REEP stands for Real Estate Equity Partners – our investors are our partners, and we treat them as such. A successful investor needs a supportive community and we strive to provide that support.

We provide events throughout the year for our investors to join us for networking, property tours, and learning opportunities. These events are exclusive to people who have registered with our Investor Network. Be sure to join the Network to receive details on our next event.

Review Previous Deals
Finding comfort with the real estate lingo, investment process, financial projections, and summary data can be complex. Depending on the deal structures (506b vs. 506c) and the types of investors they allow in their deals (accredited vs. sophisticated), companies may not always be able to share all of this data publicly on their websites.

Since our deals are 506b, we are able to share these details with you once you are registered in our Investor Network. We are happy to walk you through any of our previous deals and provide you with any documentation you need.

Plan ahead: 
Each new investment opportunity fills up quickly. By working with our investment team, we can help you learn more about what to look for in a deal and what would make it a good fit for you. Are you looking for monthly income? Quarterly income? A specific equity multiplier? Tax Benefits? A Shorthold? Investing out of an IRA? By getting to know you better and determining your investment goals and needs ahead of time, you will know what to look for so you are ready to act when a deal that matches your goals comes up.

We are here to help –
If you take nothing else from this article, remember it’s completely normal to feel skeptical, anxious, and even timid when making your first syndication commitment.

Your first real estate syndication deal is a huge milestone in your investing journey. Although the process can be intimidating, this first step is an important step towards financial freedom and building generational wealth.

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