Bridge Loans with Wells Fargo

Kris Martinez, one of the three partners of REEP Equity, sat down with Eric Khoa from the Multifamily Capital Division at Wells Fargo (DFW location) to discuss multifamily lending at large and hone in on important details the applicant should understand when beginning this process.
Eric Khoa has been with Wells Fargo for 13 years, where he has refined his expertise in multifamily lending. Khoa traveled from Dallas, Texas to answer vital questions that sponsors and investors need to know before selecting a lender for their next acquisition. Eric visited us at our REEP (Real Estate Equity Partners) headquarters to learn about the San Antonio Multifamily Market and inform our audience what Wells Fargo searches for in an applicant and what REEP looks for in a lender.


What is a bridge loan?

 A bridge loan is a loan that bridges a short-term loan, where you can purchase the property in the current state and complete the advancements in your business plan to then consider whether to sell it or acquire a more permanent loan for the asset as the value has risen.


The Right Strategic Partners

Each acquisition follows a process and our process is to start narrowing down what type of lending we are going to need in order to close on a specific acquisition. We look to our strategic partners – our lawyers and lenders – to be transparent about the property, our business plan and the future of the property. As Eric explained in the podcast, it is all about being transparent with no surprises and confirming that each party can meet their threshold.


The Perfect Property That Makes Wells Fargo Jump for Joy

 That’s right, we found out the bread and butter property that makes Wells Fargo perk their eyebrows. Wells Fargo is licensed to administer the following loans and multifamily properties:
  • Freddy loans
  • Fanny loans
  • FHA loans
  • Wells Fargo Bridge program
  • Military living properties
  • Student living properties
  • Senior living properties
Eric revealed to us that multifamily properties, specifically classes B & C, are their favorite type of property because of the value that can be added to themBy strategically updating interior and exterior esthetic’s, we would be able to raise rents with our renovations. A fantastic managing team, like our REEP Management team, will make sure our business plan succeeds in order to get the returns we anticipate. So, a property that makes sense on paper is desirable but a team that has a successful experience that will fulfill their business plan is what can make or break the deal with a lender.

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