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Episode 57, The 3 Lens Approach to Property Investing

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About The Episode

Jacob is the co-founder of REEP Equity, a vertically integrated multifamily investment firm that focuses on acquiring value-add assets in the San Antonio, Texas region. His company controls over 1,800 units valued at over $130M. Jacob focuses on developing and overseeing REEP’s growth strategy and takes a hands-on approach to manage the firm’s capital expenditures projects.  His goal is to execute our value-add business plans and ultimately realize our investments to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors. Jacob directly oversees asset management in addition to fostering and maintaining relationships with key industry leaders.

Some of the topics discussed:

  • Why he decided to sell is property management software company and make the move into real estate
  • Key things to look at when investing in a multifamily property both on the macro and micro levels
  • Property aspects that Jacob and his team try to avoid when investing
  • The 3 lenses Jacob and REEP use to evaluate a property and see what value add it has or they can bring to it
  • What improvements as an investor he makes that add the most value to a property
  • Cap rates compressing and its effect on investing
  • Being granular on your rents, and vetting of properties and knowing your market better
  • Benefits of having your own management company
  • Heeding the advice and knowledge of those in the field who have had experience

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