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Creating Wealth and Empowering Women the REEP Way

Creating Wealth and Empowering Women the REEP Way

According to McKinsey & Company, by 2030, American women are expected to control as much as $30 trillion in financial assets, approaching the annual GDP of the United States. This presents a tremendous opportunity for women to make a significant impact in the investment world. 

 Studies have shown that women investors tend to outperform their male counterparts, with differences in returns ranging from 0.4% to nearly 1%. This is a testament to the astuteness and strategic approach that many women bring to their investment decisions. 

Women investing in real estate is not a new concept. Many women have experience investing in single-family homes. However, they face challenges as the value of these properties often relies on a single renter. In contrast, multifamily investing offers the advantage of multiple tenants contributing to the property’s rental income and overall value. 

 When the economy tightens and money becomes scarce, people prioritize essential expenses like food and housing. As interest rates rise, fewer people can afford to buy homes, resulting in a growing number of renters. This, in turn, increases the demand for multifamily properties, leading to higher rental income and property values. 

 There are several key reasons why savvy women investors are increasingly turning to multifamily investing: 

  •  Passive Income: Multifamily properties provide a steady stream of rental income, allowing investors to generate passive income for their financial goals and generational wealth for their families. 
  •  Portfolio Diversification: Investing in multifamily properties allows for diversification across different locations, property types, and tenant demographics, reducing risk and increasing long-term stability. 
  •  Increase in Investment Value: The growing demand for rental properties leads to an increase in the value of multifamily investments over time, providing potential appreciation for investors. 
  •  Tax Benefits: Multifamily investing offers various tax advantages, including deductions for expenses such as mortgage interest, depreciation expense, and maintenance costs.

 At REEP, we all are dedicated to supporting women investors in their multifamily investing journey, but none more than Arleen Garza, Founder of REEP Equity.  

Arleen’s background in the financial services industry has endowed her with a profound understanding of the multifamily real estate market and the ability to maximize returns.  Arleen’s remarkable journey from humble beginnings has instilled in her a deep appreciation for the transformative power of hard work and the significance of planning for a prosperous future. Now, she is driven by her passion for empowering others to achieve financial success through multifamily real estate investment.  

Through her leadership, we continuously strive to provide educational resources, networking opportunities, and investment insights to empower women to achieve their financial goals. 


We are excited to announce our participation in two upcoming events:

Regional InvestHER Workshop

Regional investHER Workshop: Join us on February 10th in Austin, Texas, for a full-day event designed to provide clarity on where to best invest your time and energy to achieve your 2024 goals. Reserve your seat today! 

Invether Con 2024 logo

InvestHER Con 2024: We are proud sponsors of the #1 Premier Conference for Women in Real Estate in the Nation, taking place on June 2nd-4th in Austin, Texas. This event will bring together industry leaders, experts, and investors to share knowledge and empower women in real estate. 

In addition to these events, we invite you to tune in to our podcast, “Empowered Investing with Leading Ladies,” hosted by Arleen Garza, Founder of REEP Equity. Each episode features insights and experiences from women investors, providing valuable perspectives and inspiration. 

If you’re a woman investor interested in learning more about the power of multifamily investing, we encourage you to join us at our upcoming events, listen to our podcast, or reach out for a chat. We would love to connect with you, add you to our Investor Network, and share new investment opportunities to help you reach your financial goals. 

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