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Ep. 136 Finance Major Finds Financial Freedom through Real Estate – Arleen Garza

The Multifamily Takeoff Podcast


As a Principal and Co-founder of REEP Equity, which she co-founded in 2012, Arleen Garza serves as the primary decision maker on acquisitions and company growth strategy.  In 2017, she co-founded a real estate management company that currently manages properties in San Antonio and Houston.  Her goal is to maximize investor returns by sourcing acquisitions in target markets that allow value-add and management improvements that will increase profits and generate appreciation for the properties under the REEP ownership umbrella.

Prior to establishing the real estate business, Mrs. Garza served in various key roles in the financial services industry, achieving the title of Senior Vice President.  She served as National Hispanic Marketing Manager, Retail Banking Center Manager, International Private Banking Manager, and Credit Officer.  While in these roles, Mrs. Garza appeared on national and local media programs providing education to consumers in Spanish and English on personal financial management.

In this episode, Arleen talks about whether she’s feeling bullish or bearish in the current market conditions. She also dives into things to watch out for when working with a new lender, possible pitfalls, and re-trading from the lender that could lead to re-trading with the seller on a transaction. Arleen talks about potential surprises and changes in underwriting when purchasing a community with a chiller system.

Connect with Arleen:
Email: Invest@reepequity.com


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