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How did they do it?  Real Estate with Seyla and Aileen

 Economically and emotionally, Covid has impacted the real estate industry, especially multifamily space. A lot of investors were also struggling to adapt to a lot of changes in terms of property management efficiency. But the good thing about this real estate asset class is it continues to show resiliency for most investors by having systems and processes in place. In today’s episode, Arleen Garza shares how she discovered the benefits of investing in multifamily properties. She also talks about the success that her property management company is achieving despite the effects of the pandemic.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Arleen’s Background and Her Real Estate Investing Career
  • Advantages of Buying Multifamily Homes
  • How Third Party Management Works for Your Investing Business
  • Figuring Out How to Get Experience in Investing Passively with Multifamily
  • Growing with your Property Managers
  • Ways to Grow a Property Management Company
  • Importance of Knowing the Market Data in a Particular Market
  • Learning How to Maintain the Quality of Services Despite the Impacts of Covid
  • Buying Better Quality Assets


Guest Bio:

Arleen Garza launched her real estate investing business in 2012, where she and her husband began with a small 24-unit property which they owned and managed.
Arleen, with her husband and business partner Jacob Garza, co-founded REEP Equity in 2015 and REEP Management in 2017, and have since grown the two companies to over $175M in AUM.

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Connect with Arleen:

Website: https://reepequity.com/


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