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There are currently 8 names in this directory beginning with the letter R.
Ration Utility Billing System (RUBS)
RUBS stands for Ratio Utility Billing System. It can be a cost-effective and fair alternative to submeters. RUBS is a popular utility management solution and essentially divides the bill among your residents based on certain criteria. Different utility types can often influence the type of RUBS formula a property uses.
Recourse Loans allow the lender to recover any losses against the personal assets of a party liable for the debt in the event they default on the loan.
Refinance (Refi)
A Refinance (Refi) refers to the process of revising and replacing an existing loan agreement. When a business decides to refinance a credit obligation, they effectively seek to make favorable changes to their interest rate, payment schedule, or other terms. If approved, the new contract replaces the original agreement.
Refinancing Fee
Refinancing replaces an older loan with a new loan, typically with better terms. During this process, businesses will repay many loan-related fees, such as attorney and application fees.
Short for rehabilitation, Rehab is the extensive renovation of a building or project to improve the property's appearance.
Rent Comparable Analysis
The Rent Comparable Analysis is part of the due diligence process to analyze similar apartment communities in the same sub-market to determine how the market rents compare to the subject apartment community.
Rent Roll
A Rent Roll is a list of residents by unit and the rent paid by each resident in a multi-tenant property.
Rental Concession
Rental Concessions are something a landlord may offer a tenant to secure the tenancy. A move-in bonus or a short decrease in rent are common examples.
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