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Arlene Garza is the Principal and Co-Founder of REEP Equity. She launched her initial real estate investing business in 2012. She and her husband began with a small 24-unit property which they owned and managed. As a Principle in REEP Equity, they have sponsored a total of twelve multi-family acquisitions, taking four properties full cycle with total returns as high as 370 percent. Her portfolio currently consists of 2,621 units as a deal sponsor and passive investor in San Antonio, Atlanta, Dallas, Jacksonville, and Houston.


Arleen had her Bachelor’s in Business Administration in Finance at Texas Tech University. Before establishing the real estate business, she served in various senior-level key roles in the financial services industry, achieving the title of Senior Vice President. 


Opening Segment


Let’s get to know Arlene Garza

Arlene talks about her background

She also talks about the lessons she learned along the way

Investing in Time, Money, and People


Navigating the capital raise for acquisition

Lending and Equity Side

Focusing and being transparent to their investors 

Growth of Management Company

Hiring key people

Building the structures 

Developing the correct KPI used in their team


Closing Segment


Arlene’s advice to aspiring investors

Educate yourself and find a mentor.

How she stays on top of her game

Her way to make the world a better place

How to reach out to Arlene – links below

Final words

Tweetable Quotes:


“You do have to invest time and money and we invested in our team. We invested in people to make sure that we could leverage everybody’s talent.” – Arlene Garza


“Make sure you understand what you are doing before you take on other people’s money.” – Arlene Garza

Resources Mentioned: 

Reep Equity


Connect with Arlene at https://reepequity.com/ 


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