REEP the benefits of Passive Income!

Are you looking to take your real estate investment journey to new heights? Look no further! Join our exclusive Investor Network and REEP the Rewards!

Join our Investor Network today and embark on a transformative real estate investment journey. Experience the power of connections, knowledge, and support as you unlock your full potential in the world of multifamily real estate investing.

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Members of Our Investor Network Benefit From:

  • Access to Multifamily Experts Seasoned Expertise: Gain Valuable insights from seasoned real estate investors Jacob & Arleen Garza, who has an impressive portfolio exceeding over $714 million in assets. Benefits from their wealth experience and knowledge to make informed investment decisions.
  • Collaborating and Connecting: Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for real estate investing. Our network fosters a supportive community where you can collaborate, share ideas, and form valuable partnerships.
  • Market & Industry Education: Expand your knowledge and skills through our comprehensive Knowledge Center. Learn the ins and outs of multifamily real estate investing, from finding lucrative properties to maximizing returns. Gain the tools you need to succeed.
  • Passive Income Opportunities: Discover additional avenues for generating passive income. Our network provides access to exclusive opportunities that can help you diversify your revenue streams and have a higher potential for cash flow.
  • Opportunities to Hedge Against Inflation: Multifamily properties can be a hedge against inflation. Rental income tends to rise with inflation, meaning that multifamily properties can provide a natural hedge against inflation and protect against the erosion of purchasing power over time.
  • Tax-Saving Strategies: Maximize your profits and minimize tax liabilities with our unique tax benefits specific to multifamily real estate. Optimize your real estate investments from a tax perspective and keep more of your hard-earned money. 

You’re in good company. 

Investor in 6 REEP Deals, 1,088 Doors

Investing passively in multifamily in REEP has allowed us to diversify into real estate without having the real estate expertise or time in doing it on my own. Receiving quarterly distributions while not doing any of the operations has given my husband and me peace of mind in planning our wealth and retirement goals.

Lorenzo T., Investor in 5 REEP Deals, 1,528 Doors

Jacob and Arleen are experts in multi-family investing and they have the record to prove it.  But for me, it is all about trust, attention to detail, and hard work.  I trust Jacob, Arleen, and the rest of the REEP team to work diligently, to do the right thing, and to maximize my passive investor returns…which they have done…REEP is a proven winning team for sure!

John H., Investor in 3 REEP deals, 719 Doors

Passively Investing with the REEP has provided me peace of mind.  Jacob and Arleen are 100% committed to multifamily with their vertically integrated in-house construction and property management teams.  Most importantly, they are transparent and geographically centric to the properties they acquire.

Manuel O., Investor in 8 REEP deals, 1,541 Doors

The Garza’s are honest, vertically integrated, and extremely informative to their passive investors. After an impromptu interview with Arleen over some of REEP’s operating procedures, I was convinced this was a group my wife and I would invest with. Their extensive experience in multifamily investing is evident on their financial reporting.

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