Multifamily Investing

Diversify your portfolio with Strong Passive Income Investments

Strategy Powered by In-House Management

REEP Equity is focused on acquiring under-performing, income-producing, investment opportunities throughout Texas. Vertically Integrated with our own in-house Property Management team, REEP Residential, we work together to handle every aspect of asset identification, due diligence, financing, design and rehab, operations, property management, cost segregation, and disposition to create portfolios with consistent cash flow, equity upside, and strong downside protection for our investors.

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Why Multifamily Investments Outperform Certificates of Deposits and Retail Investments

Learn how to position yourself for long-term success in multifamily real estate investing.

Target Markets

Texas is booming!

The statistics for our home state make it a prime place to search for target properties.

9th Largest Economy in the World

Consistent Job and Population Growth

Decline in available housing to meet population growth

Within our great state, we have three primary markets that we are focused on now – San Antonio, Houston, and Austin, with additional markets we are researching. Staying focused on select markets enables our Management team to have economies of scale – allowing us to improve efficiencies and have a greater impact within a select market.

Target Properties

	 Growing Renter Population

Strong Employment Data

Strong Employment rates yield stable rental income and higher occupancy rates, thus lowering the risk of investment. We analyze the current job numbers for the city, the location of major employers as it relates to the property, and the planned job growth for both the submarket and the surrounding communities.
	 Growing Renter Population

Market Comps and Trends

Through our Vertical Integration and deep broker relationships, we are able to truly know our markets. Our teams are on the ground gathering knowledge, allowing us to expand in each market with an educated intent. Rental and Occupancy Trends, along with supply constraints, are always on our radar.
	 Growing Renter Population

Value Add

Through our Vertical Integration, our teams are excellent at property improvements. We look for properties that have the potential for interior renovations and exterior improvements. New signage and full marketing packages are also explored.
	 Growing Renter Population

Location, location, location

We look for properties in strong job markets with high population rates and low availability of housing. We also look closely at how our management company will be able to scale to add the property to the portfolio.
	 Growing Renter Population

Existing Amenities

Properties with unique features tend to perform better against the competition. Garages, in-unit Washer/Dryers, covered parking, and storage are all in high demand by renters. If it doesn’t have it, then we look to add it.
Growing Renter Population

Building Stronger Investments

Our Vertical Integration extends well beyond just managing a property. Our management team is involved with each property prior to even being under contract. Once we have an LOI in place, together with our Management team, we begin the Due Diligence process and inspect every aspect of the property.

Then we dig deeper – conducting a thorough lease file audit and expense review. By the time we are under contract and present the offer to our investors, the property has been deeply examined, and we have identified any issues or opportunities for improvement. By the time we close, we are prepared to improve the property on day one for our investors and our tenants.

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