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Join us for a Webinar: Unraveling the Multifamily Market: Trends & Strategies for 2024

Are you tired of trying to decipher the noise in the media about multifamily? Not sure what to believe or who to trust? Wondering if multifamily investing is right for you? Are you concerned and seeking clarity from experienced operators and industry experts?  

Look no further! Join REEP Equity founders, Jacob and Arleen Garza, along with special guest Mark Brandenburg, Senior Managing Director at JLL Capital Markets, for a deep dive into the current multifamily market and trends for 2024. 

LIVE Webinar: February 29th, 2024, at 7 PM.
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During this informative webinar, our panel of experts will provide insights and answers to key questions, including: 

  • What are the economic forces shaping the Texas multifamily market? 
  • How does Texas differ from the national market? 
  • What do multifamily construction pipeline, rent growth, and occupancy projections look like and more importantly, what does it mean for investors? 
  • What strategies are owners using to buy and finance deals in today’s world of fluctuating interest rates and cap rates? 
  • What tools and strategies are savvy operators using to achieve improvements in operational efficiencies, for sustainability and better returns in the long run? 
  • What emerging opportunities exist within the multifamily sector? 

Secure your spot by registering now and don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights to make well-informed decisions for achieving success in multifamily real estate. 

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