Why Multifamily Investing

Apartment complexes are tangible, real assets that can generate positive cash flow and appreciation

Benefits of Investing in The Mulitfamily Real Estate Market

Investing in Multifamily is a great way to diversify your portfolio, hedge against inflation, and grow your legacy wealth. Compared to other asset classes it has distinct differences.
Why invest in Multifamily Real Estate-tangible

Tangible, real assets without having to be a

Why invest in Multifamily Real Estate-Housing Shortage

Steadily increasing demand and performance due to housing shortage

Why invest in Multifamily Real Estate-CapitalPreservation

Capital Preservation

Why invest in Multifamily Real Estate-Passiveincome

Passive income with Quarterly Cashflow

Why invest in Multifamily Real Estate-Hedge

Hedge against inflation

Why invest in Multifamily Real Estate-StableResilient

Stable and Resilient Asset Class (Covid proved this)

Why invest in Multifamily Real Estate-IncreaseValue

Increase in investment value through both natural and forced Appreciation

Non-Recourse, Historic Low Interest Rates

Why invest in Multifamily Real Estate-TaxBenefits

Minimize Tax burden through Depreciation Expense

Why invest in Multifamily Real Estate-SelfDirectedIRA

Self Directed IRA Investments Accepted

Why invest in Multifamily Real Estate-Scalability


Open to both accredited and sophisticated investors

Cons of Other Investments

Multifamily investments have advantages over
Stocks, Bonds and Cryptocurrencies

Stocks, Bonds, and

Intangible Asset with Minimal dividends

Significant Market Volatility, Uncertainty, and Risks

Capital Gains Taxes and fees when sold

Limited choices of IRA Investments, if allowed

Single Family

Management requires time, resources, and knowledge

Shortage of assets and rising costs create barrier to entry

Asset carries personal liability risks

Cost Segregation Studies resulting in property depreciation are not allowed for this asset class

Retail/Industrial & Other Commercial Real Estate Assets

High minimum investments and limited offerings available

Limited ability to force appreciation values

Limitations on returns or preferences

Only offered in 506C or REIT classifications

Our Approach to Multifamily Investing

We oversee the entire acquisition process while maximizing the value throughout the process

REEP Vertically Integrated

REEP owns and controls the Entire Process.

Capitalizing on our vertical integration to maximize the property value throughout the entire process

*There are risks associated with investing in real estate and securities in general. Investing involves risk of loss including loss of principal. Some high-risk investments which use leverage may accentuate gains and losses. Past investment performance is not a guarantee or predictor of future investment performance.


Diversify your portfolio with Strong Passive Income Investments
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