We Created A Podcast For You, Passive Investor

REEP Community, we have started our very own podcast, Passive Wealth Through Multifamily Investing!

The REEP Equity team has been working on this project for a while now and we are extremely proud to share our experiences with the multifamily investing community. Whether you’re a prospective passive investor (PI) or a seasoned PI, you will learn something new from our episodes each month.

REEP Equity was established in 2015 when three great minds combined forces to become the most dominant multifamily syndicators in San Antonio, Texas. Jacob Garza, Arleen Garza, and Kris Martinez have acquired over 1,800 units worth $130 MM since 2015. REEP currently owns and manages (yes, we manage our properties, as in in-house management) eight properties in San Antonio, Texas.

Jacob, Arleen, and Kris all come from diverse professional backgrounds that included entrepreneurial and corporate backgrounds – leading them to syndicate apartments full time!

If you have not heard REEP Equity’s story on how they transitioned from working for someone else (excluding Jacob – entrepreneur since 26 years old), be sure to SUBSCRIBE to our podcast channel on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Alexa or through our Buzzsprout podcast website!

Once you have subscribed to our podcast in your favorite music streaming app, listen to our first episode telling our story of how REEP Equity came to be, our diverse set of skills and how we own every step of the apartment acquisition process.

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