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Growing nearly 64% since 2010, the GDP of San Antonio – New Braunfels is almost $129.4 Billion. San Antonio is the 7th largest city in the country and is home to four major military bases.

With large, fast-growing companies like USAA, HEB, Valero, and Task Us, the Alamo City has a job growth rate of 1.95%. It also has 15 colleges and universities with a combined student population of around 160,000.

Being experienced investors in the San Antonio Multifamily Housing Market, we believe there is considerable upside potential for current and new investors.

Median age in San Antonio is 34.4 years, with 44% of the population between the ages of 20 and 49.
San Antonio is the 2nd most populated city in Texas and the Southern U.S.
Population growth in San Antonio is 1.78% year-over-year.
Rents in San Antonio have increased by 7% year-over-year.

San Antonio Portfolio

The Archer at Willowbrook

Stratton Park

Class B+ | 1986
127 Unit Garden-Style
Acquired October 2017
Rise at Elmside

4000 Horizon Hill

Class B | 1984
273 Unit Garden-Style
Acquired June 2018
The Archer at Willowbrook

Knoll Crest

Class B | 1984
264 Unit Garden Style
Acquired June 2018
Chartwell Court

Avenue at Converse

Class B | 2001
32 Unit Garden-Style
Acquired December 2019
Flint at 290

The Camaron

Class B | 1988
100 Unit Townhomes
Acquired May 2021
Waterford Park


Class B | 2008
224 Unit Garden-Style
Acquired November 2021

Seville Apartments


Class B+ | 1982
200 Unit Garden-Style
Acquired August 2022

Waterford Park

Castle Hills Townhomes

Class A | 1997
148 Unit Townhomes
Acquired September 2022

SKY at Salado Creek exterior unit


Class B | 1984
212 Unit Garden-Style
Acquired October 2022

The Archer at Willowbrook

Aspen Chase

95% Investment Return
143 Unit Garden Style
Sold 2017

The Archer at Willowbrook

Algre Apartments

370% Investment Return
24 Unit Garden-Style
Sold 2014

The Archer at Willowbrook

Coral Gables Apartment

240% Investment Return
28 Unit Garden-Style
Sold 2016

The Archer at Willowbrook

Darby Square

232% Investment Return
74 Unit Garden-Style
Sold 2017

The Archer at Willowbrook


134% Investment Return
88 Unit Garden Style
Sold 2019

The Archer at Willowbrook

Aragon Place

154% Investment Return
216 Unit Garden-Style
Sold 2019

Candleridge Park

Atrium Commons

Class B | 1985
256 Unit Garden-Style
Acquired October 2017
Park 410 Sold

Parc 410

Class B | 1980
344 Unit Garden-Style
Acquired March 2017
Ridge at Southcross

Ridge at Southcross

Class B | 1974
212 Unit Garden-Style
Acquired October 2016

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