The Importance of Being Vertically Integrated During COVID-19

Arleen Garza joined Whitney Sewell, host of The Real Estate Syndication Show, to discuss how being vertically integrated has proven to be an important factor in being successful during COVID-19.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Learn about Arleen’s transition from the corporate world to full-time real estate investing.
  • Arleen and her husband’s first deal and some of the lessons they learned from it.
  • Arleen’s main reasons for bringing the property management back in-house.
  • Tips for moving from third-party management to in-house management.
  • The importance of finding a distinct skillset from your partner’s.
  • Why Arleen wishes they had automated their systems and developed KPIs sooner.
  • Some of the key KPIs that Reep tracks and how they collect data for them.
  • How being vertically integrated has helped Reep get through the pandemic more smoothly.
  • The importance of open lines of communication with employees and residents during the pandemic.
  • Components of building a great company culture, according to Arleen.
  • The hardest part of syndication for Arleen, a recent business improvement, and finding new investors.
  • Find out the biggest contributor to Arleen’s success and how she likes to give back.

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