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Yvette Davis, CPM Appointed as President of REEP Residential

Yvette Davis, CPM Appointed as President of REEP Residential

REEP Residential, a leading real estate management company, owned by founders Jacob and Arleen Garza, proudly announces the appointment of Yvette Davis, CPM, as its new President. With a distinguished track record in property management and a commitment to excellence, Yvette brings over two decades of experience and expertise to her new role. 

Yvette Davis, a Certified Property Manager (CPM), has demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities throughout her career, marked by a strong focus on creating a culture of collaboration and leading teams to drive growth. Her tenure in the real estate industry has been characterized by innovative strategies and a dedication to fostering valuable relationships within the community. 

Before joining REEP Residential, Yvette held key leadership positions at organizations such as Alliance Residential Management, REALPAGE, Riverstone Residential Group, and Monterrey Management, where she spearheaded successful initiatives that enhanced operational efficiency, organizational growth, and tenant satisfaction. Her strategic vision and hands-on approach have consistently yielded positive outcomes, setting her apart as a dynamic leader in the field. 

In her new capacity as President of REEP Residential, Yvette Davis is poised to lead the company to new heights of success. Based on her comprehensive knowledge of property management, technology, and proven ability to inspire teams, Yvette is committed to elevating the standard of service and ensuring the continued culture, growth, and prosperity of REEP Residential. 

“We are thrilled to welcome Yvette Davis as our new President,” said Jacob Garza, Founder of REEP Residential. “Her exceptional heart-centered leadership skills, experience building high-growth collaborative companies, and alignment with REEPs Purpose and Core Values make her the ideal candidate to steer our company towards a future of continued success.” 

Yvette Davis’s appointment represents a significant milestone for REEP Residential, signaling a continued commitment to investing in the future, excellence, and innovation in the real estate management sector. Under her guidance, REEP Residential is poised to further solidify its reputation as a premier provider of property management services. 

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